The most frequent question from guests (and even family!) about the night was for us to quickly remind them who Jorge Ghazal, our incredible Officiant, was to us. Guests from my life would ask how Jorge knew Pat and vice versa. Similar to how Pat and I found each other, we “found Jorge on an app” 🤣 – I posted in a local wedding group on Facebook that we were looking and many replied. To put it SIMPLY, he was the first message I saw. I opened up his profile to find his “officiant page” only to find a cover photo of two golden doodles, one cream and one black. *gasp – just like ours*

We looked no further. Meant to be. Simply worked out, in that classic Pat way. Turns out, I wouldn’t have found Jorge’s official “company page” at that time because he had only just started officiating weddings for his friends. He was new to the game. And he was PERFECT. 

He took our love story as separately prompted by us from his questions and created the entire script. We heard most of it for the first time as it was happening. That was an unbelievable experience I’d highly recommend! We wanted some traditional vows and some separate/secretly written promises. The bride wrote promises to the groom and vice versa without either knowing what they were. Jorge even nailed Pat’s required comedic timing in one of his promises. 

My favorite moment with Jorge was when he called me to confirm that I wanted to say “fireball Friday group chat” or if it was a typo because I was so tired 🤣🤣 He had our backs!

Jorge subtly sprinkled in our themes of simple and complex, of a universal understanding of energy regardless of what one believes, and most importantly, that LOVE IS LOVE. 

In classic “social media app pop culture” fashion, put SIMPLY – Jorge understood the assignment.

THANK YOU!!! – The Murphs

Alyssa and Pat (The Murphs)