When we met with Jorge on a Zoom call we immediately knew he’d be the perfect officiant for our wedding.  We could tell he was organized and confident, and he definitely knew exactly how to make our ceremony both flawless and unique.  He set a timeline for us, and made sure to keep us on track.  He is also very knowledgeable about the timing and details of applying for a marriage license which was really helpful as we weren’t familiar with that process.   Jorge even insisted on driving to the venue to rehearse the ceremony with us the day before, over an hour away for him, at no extra charge just to be certain everything went perfectly, and it did!

After receiving the first draft of our ceremony from Jorge a week or so before our wedding, he was very responsive and supportive  to some small changes we wished to make.  Jorge is clearly very experienced, and it was so helpful to be able to ask him what he normally does at certain parts of a ceremony, or what he’s found typically works best. His knowledge of the business is invaluable!

Our ceremony went perfectly, and was my absolute favorite part of what was a truly magical day.  Everything went smoothly on our day, although it went by in a flash, but the ceremony absolutely stood out to us and to so many of our guests. It was distinctive, lighthearted, and so much fun!  Jorge had the whole room laughing and cheering many times.  He told our love story so beautifully.  He had sent us a questionnaire that we both answered separately.  The questions were about our relationship, how we met and first date, and our engagement.  He also asked us how we’d best describe each other.  He then combined our answers and wrote and told our love story told from both of our perspectives!  He even had the idea to included some funny vows for each other, too!
We absolutely could not recommend a better officiant, many of our friends and family are still talking about our ceremony, and all the credit goes to Jorge!
Nancy & Mic – October 2023