We were married 9-17-2021 and hiring Jorge as our officiant was the best decision we made! He’s absolutely the best. He works with you to create your perfect vows, we felt like we had a best friend marrying us. Jorge made our ceremony very personal to us and our story. Even our guests raved about him. He goes above and beyond to make your ceremony special! 5 stars aren’t enough to describe our experience with Jorge.

Nikki & Dennis

I am not even sure where to start! We needed someone and I ended up finding a mutual friend who recommended Jorge. We set up a zoom and he was amazing! Super friendly, professional and really made us comfortable with the entire set up and planning of our wedding. He knew what questions to ask from the start and incorporated everything we needed! He is super nice, super caring and super professional my entire family adored him and our guests were amazed with him … Throughout the entire night we had family and friends telling us how amazing he was!!! Our wedding ceremony was everything we could of ever imagined, Jorge took everything we had said about each other and incorporated in effortlessly … It was 100% everything we dreamt of!
We 100% highly recommend Jorge, Jorge thank you for all you have done!

Kelsie and David

The most frequent question from guests (and even family!) about the night was for us to quickly remind them who Jorge Ghazal, our incredible Officiant, was to us. Guests from my life would ask how Jorge knew Pat and vice versa. Similar to how Pat and I found each other, we “found Jorge on an app” 🤣 – I posted in a local wedding group on Facebook that we were looking and many replied. To put it SIMPLY, he was the first message I saw. I opened up his profile to find his “officiant page” only to find a cover photo of two golden doodles, one cream and one black. *gasp – just like ours*

We looked no further. Meant to be. Simply worked out, in that classic Pat way. Turns out, I wouldn’t have found Jorge’s official “company page” at that time because he had only just started officiating weddings for his friends. He was new to the game. And he was PERFECT. 

He took our love story as separately prompted by us from his questions and created the entire script. We heard most of it for the first time as it was happening. That was an unbelievable experience I’d highly recommend! We wanted some traditional vows and some separate/secretly written promises. The bride wrote promises to the groom and vice versa without either knowing what they were. Jorge even nailed Pat’s required comedic timing in one of his promises. 

My favorite moment with Jorge was when he called me to confirm that I wanted to say “fireball Friday group chat” or if it was a typo because I was so tired 🤣🤣 He had our backs!

Jorge subtly sprinkled in our themes of simple and complex, of a universal understanding of energy regardless of what one believes, and most importantly, that LOVE IS LOVE. 

In classic “social media app pop culture” fashion, put SIMPLY – Jorge understood the assignment.

THANK YOU!!! – The Murphs

Alyssa and Pat (The Murphs)
Simply the best!! Jorge was absolutely amazing…supportive, personable and very professional. We had the best experience and felt so comfortable talking to Jorge about how we wanted our vows to be unique and to not have such traditional wording. He made it happen and there was not a dry eye in the place. So many compliments from our guests about the ceremony. My wife and I couldn’t have been happier with the turnout. Thank you, Jorge!
Lori & Marcy-Gale

My now wife and I are the worlds biggest procrastinators, so naturally a month and half before our wedding we were without an officiant. I made a Facebook post on the RI/MA wedding site and asked for recommendations for officiants. Within a few hours I had a series of people responding recommending Jorge. I sent him a PM and we set up a FaceTime call to go over what we were looking for. Instantly i knew he was our guy. Jorge was a stranger to us, yet 30 minutes into our call he felt more like a friend I’ve known for years. Jorge went into detail what services he provided and really focused in on what we were looking for. We hired Jorge for our big day and for the next month or so we were constantly going back and forth about what was to be included and reviewing drafts he put together for us. Jorge sent me the rough draft and it had me in tears. He incorporated the passing of my nana in a beautiful way and really focused in on telling the story of me and my wife, with both funny inserts and beautiful tributes. I loved Jorge’s ability to make me focus. He would send constant reminders to review the final drafts with any edits and send him my vows, which as a procrastinator I needed! Speaking of vows, he helped me with writers block. He guided me through what was typical for a personal vow, reminding me that it was my heart speaking to my wife. On the day of, Jorge and I sat down and went over how it was going to go down and just talked (as you can imagine I was anxious about the whole day). The ceremony was beautiful and Jorge did a fantastic job engaging the audience while making sure that the spotlight never left my wife and I. When the ceremony was over, I had numerous guest asking me how long I’ve known Jorge for or if we went to school together. He told our story so well that the audience believed we’ve been friends for years. While we may have been extremely late to the game in getting an officiant, we truly believe that it was gods way of bringing Jorge to us. I will always highly recommend Jorge for any ceremonies or officiating needs. Such a pleasure to work with. What was once a stranger writing on my Facebook post, has now become a life long friend!

Jeff & Gretchen

If you’re still looking for an officiant look no further! Jorge married us in June of 2021. Jorge was absolutely amazing!! He is so prompt, professional, caring and made our ceremony a moment we won’t ever forget. From beginning to end Jorge was there to support us and keep us on track, from writing our secret vows to confirming the ceremony script. The rough drafts he had sent prior had me in tears. He helped to make sure every part of the ceremony was perfect and represented us in our love story. Everyone attending loved it, not a dry eye in the house! Jorge was able to capture our stories, emotions and little jokes to one another throughout the ceremony script it was absolutely PERFECT! I am recommending him to all my friends and family getting married so they can too experience the magical moments he was able to create. We can’t thank you enough Jorge!!!

Brittany & Justin

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